The Most Promising Jobs of 2019 According To LinkedIn

Check this out, LinkedIn has just shared their Most Promising Jobs list for 2019.

Based on real-life LinkedIn data, these positions come with high salaries, a significant number of job openings and year-over-year growth, and are more likely to lead to a promotion.

Sound familiar? This is exactly what I have been saying about a career in Machine Learning:

  • It will get you a higher salary
  • You’ll be in a Blue Ocean with lots of job opportunities and growth
  • You are more likely to get promoted

So this is crunch time.

Was I correct?

If so, Machine Learning should be on this list.

Let’s take a look. Here is the full list with 2019’s most promising jobs:

01. Data Scientist <— CHECK IT OUT!
02. Site Reliability Engineer
03. Enterprise Account Executive
04. Product Designer
05. Product Owner
06. Customer Success Manager
07. Engagement Manager
08. Solutions Architect
09. Information Technology Lead
10. Scrum Master
11. Cloud Architect
12. Product Marketing Manager
13. Solutions Consultant
14. Product Manager
15. Machine Learning Engineer <— CHECK IT OUT!

Well, that proves it – I was right! 😉

Because being fluent in Machine Learning will qualify you for a career as a Data Scientist or a Machine Learning Engineer, and they’re both on the list. You are virtually guaranteed a higher salary, a blue ocean job market, and a promotion.

So are you an IT professional?

Then now’s the time to commit to Machine Learning. This is the best career move you can make in 2019.